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Smart Latch has the challenge of security and stability issues

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-06-19
  Internet and Internet technology development and prosperity, so that the concept of intelligent life gradually into our lives, smart locks, smart home and a series of intelligent products are also subtle influence on our lives, but although the smart door locks and smart Home market prospects, but its development is not smooth sailing. Of course, a new product always needs to face some skepticism, especially the door lock that is traditional, but people have become accustomed to necessities of life. 
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There are vulnerabilities in security
  We have seen in the news, even if a car equipped with a wireless lock car, it may be hacked. To some extent, the smart door locks are also facing this problem, such as the ulterior motives when you go out or door using special equipment to capture the wireless signal, and then crack. But obviously, even if it is not a smart door lock, thieves may also be very easy to pry open your door through the tools. So, we do not have to worry too much about the security of smart locks, after all, most ordinary people will not get hackers "favored", unless it is a smart door lock a serious general loophole, but this has not yet appeared Kind of situation. 
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Intelligent door lock stability doubt
  Smart door lock more critical issues, may be the existence of a variety of instability hidden. For example, once the smart door locks, then how to open the door (although some models provide a traditional key as a backup program)? In addition, the door lock is clearly a long life of the equipment, people do not need frequent replacement, but the smart door Need to connect the phone to use, but in the case of a mobile phone system upgrade year, you can not fully guarantee the backward compatibility of the door lock. Of course, you may also encounter some sudden situation in use, after all, it is not just a simple mechanical structure device. 
  Lock is one of the best inventions of mankind, with it only have privacy. But for thousands of years it does not seem to have any big change until the "smart lock" brought by the Internet of Things technology. Intelligent door lock is based on the traditional lock by adding computer software and large data related to the new Internet technology and new security products. In short, the smart door lock is a wireless technology through Bluetooth and other non-physical key system, the user's phone is the key, as long as close to or leave the door a certain distance, can be automatically locked; Family, friends of the phone authorized, rather than the spare key hidden in the door outside the mat or pot.
  Obviously, although more and more intelligent door locks, but still not popular smart home equipment, consumers still have reservations about it. But with the technology gradually mature and stable, I believe that one day smart door locks, smart home will become at your fingertips.
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