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As a consumer you should know the top ten misses of smart locks

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-06-15
  Smart era, intelligent home products began to replace the traditional home equipment, smart door lock is one of them. Do not have the key to open the door, replace the traditional keys with the phone, the keys are in the phone.
  PROYU provide outstanding smart locks rfid access control system.

  Intelligent door locks can indeed bring great convenience to people's lives, but with the market, the increasing number of smart locks, in order to seize more consumers, smart door manufacturers in the promotion of their products at the same time, can not help but also A lot of "exaggerated" ingredients, and these are very likely for consumers to produce great misunderstanding. For the current smart door lock market products, consumers in the purchase of products, it should be clear points, so as not to enter the errors.  
Misunderstanding 1:
  Biometric fingerprint lock, iris, face recognition and other intelligent lock more anti-theft. 
Misunderstanding 2:
  Mechanical lock core level higher the more anti-theft. 
Misunderstanding 3:
  The more the better the function. 
  The easier it is to connect with other intelligent terminals.  
Misunderstanding 5:
  The more "tall" the more the appearance of the design. 
  Choose PROYU, choose a reasonable access control system price
Misunderstanding 6:
  Foreign brands are better than soil brands. 
Misunderstanding 7:
  No mechanical lock core smart lock more secure.  
Misunderstanding 8:
  Vendor's ethics can guarantee the security of user information.  
Misunderstanding 9:
  The more inconvenient the more intelligent. 
Misunderstanding 10:
  Smart locks are high luxury.
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