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What does the smart lock do without electricity? Must you break it?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2018-01-03 12:49:06
At present, the most important part of smart door lock consumption is communication, because if the user phone is always connected with the intelligent lock, the door lock must be kept in the state of continuous communication, so it will accelerate the consumption of electricity. Of course, motor drive, standby, input password, screen and so on are also in power consumption.(electric lock suppliers china)

Since electricity is needed, it involves the problem of power consumption. So, a lot of users are worried: what does the smart lock do without electricity? Will it be turned away from the door? In theory, there is a risk of being unable to return home without electricity. But as long as the intelligent lock that is in line with the relevant standards of the state, it will not be shut out of the battery without electricity.

Therefore, users in the purchase of smart locks, first choose the best known high, good brand reputation; secondly not covet cheap, smart buy price is lower than the industry level lock, the best buy price of 3000 yuan in the intelligent lock; again to see the intelligent lock is detected by the detection center of the Ministry of public security and the implementation of what standard.(Keyless door lock china)

At present, in addition to most smart lock battery consumption warning function, and can be through mobile phone text messages, the form of voice to remind the user to replace the battery in time, some enterprises in order to avoid the user to lock the intelligent power consumption concerns, launched a smart power hand handle lock, in the battery exhausted, only a few shakes the handle can be as intelligent lock charging, so as to open the lock.

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