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What is biometric time and attendance

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-03-24
   Biometric Time Attendance IconBiometric time and attendance solutions exist to keep track of who is where and when they’re there. 

   In its most basic form, time and attendance tracking is a schedule, in which workers, volunteers, or students write down entry and exit times so that they can be logged. A slight step up from that rudimentary system, you will find punch cards, or shared digital spreadsheets. But all of these systems have a critical flaw: they can’t prove you are who you say you are. Truants can have a friend sign in for them or punch their card—a fraudulent practice termed buddy-punching—and effectively steal time from employers or falsely claim hours of work they otherwise spent elsewhere.

   Enter biometrics. With a biometric time and attendance system, there is no disputing who is signing in for duty. A scanned finger, iris, face, or other biometric modality ensures accurate payroll, efficient records keeping, and can even keep track of certain work related tasks, like what cash register a sales associate uses. When arriving for work, an employee signs in by submitting a biometric—an act only they can do—and scans out of work on breaks and when the shift is over. The result is a more accountable workforce, cleaner records, and a stronger bottom line