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What is the difference between RFID and NFC technology?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-01 10:23:29
  Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC) is a relatively popular two keywords, both of which are tagging. NFC is based on the development of RFID, NFC in nature and RFID is no different, are used in the geographical location of the two objects between the signal transmission.PROYU have a reasonable uhf rfid reader module price.
  RFID from a professional point of view is a non-contact identification technology, divided into active and passive two types. How it works: RFID reader sends radio frequency, through the electronic tag coil, generate the signal, the reader reads the information and decodes, completes the entire recognition process. Under normal circumstances, active tags (active label) can also take the initiative to send a signal. RFID system mainly by the reader (Reader) and transponder (Transponder) two constitute. PROYU provide rfid access control system
  NFC is currently on the phone to apply more technology. How it works: Between two NFC devices, when they are close to each other, they interact with each other and complete the corresponding transaction. NFC is the biggest feature is the reader and transponder integrated into the same chip. NFC technology is the biggest bright spot is to increase the point-to-point communication function, you can quickly establish a Bluetooth device between the P2P (point to point) wireless communication, NFC equipment to find each other and establish a communication connection. P2P communication between the two devices are peer-to-peer relationship, and RFID communication between the two devices is the master-slave relationship. 
  The relationship between the two: from a mathematical point of view, can be considered NFC is a subset of RFID, that is, communication distance of 10cm or 4inch within the RFID is NFC. This difference is mainly due to the fact that other devices can also receive personal RFID information in the case of some specially designed cash payments, credit card applications, RFID communication distance, so that there are many insecurity factors; and for NFC work Distance of about 10cm, so it itself has a high security. If you use some special signal acquisition device, then you can read the RFID information at a considerable distance away.
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