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Smart door lock purchase skills

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-05-31
  Smart home has a good prospects. We have to admit that the smart home is fire since last year. A lot of smart home market item begin to enter public life, among them, the smart door lock market the most popular. PROYU provide electronic door lock system for hotels.
  However, the wide variety of products that you have to understand? Each type of intelligence door lock has the function of different, it is need to be aware of when buying. In addition, the market is not standard, the product have different standard. In order to avoid when the choose and buy is sales staff a hype said halo. As a company produce keyless door lock china, let me tell you about the following intelligent lock common sense. 
  Smart door lock purchase skills
  The door lock card or sensor key card to be sensitive. To repeat the card or induction key card after opening the door should be normal operation, there should be no "no response" or "error", "motor chaos" phenomenon. To investigate the brand of the door lock information, the clock is not easy to chaos, to check the smart door lock performance and stability.
  The choice of induction card door lock first check the sensitivity of the sensor and then understand the static power consumption of the sensor, because the general induction door locks are used dry battery power supply, some sensor door lock four batteries can be used continuously for more than a year, some brands Change batteries for a month. Choose PROYU, choose a better rfid access control system.
  The choice of magnetic card door lock should be aware of whether the door lock card manufacturers to develop their own card reader encryption algorithm. Such as the use of universal card reader to write the card, others can use a common card reader to copy the card and can not achieve confidentiality.
  The door press the handle to open the door lock should be flexible and smooth, lock the body should not have serious "Cha" "Cha" mechanical friction sound. Mechanical transmission depends on the mechanical connection of the compact, thanks to oil lubrication after a long time after the use of oil drying, the door lock on the frequent failure.