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Intelligent door lock security features non-independent individuals to be used

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-10-24 21:02:24
Years ago, the industry a kind of consensus, China's smart home, aimed at the future. When the time into 2017, it can be said that the future of smart home has come. In particular, last year, according to the relevant statistics, intelligent lock sales reached 3 million, we can see the smart lock as the representative of the smart home products quickly into every household. Moreover, more and more enterprises to enter the smart home market, building manufacturers, Internet companies, the traditional household electrical appliance enterprises. this prosperous market so that more and more people rush.

Intelligent door lock (Password access control company) security features non-independent individuals to be used
Many users for the smart door security features are there is a big question, that the smart door security features more in the flicker consumers. In fact, the smart door lock with a strong alarm, unlock SMS notification and other functions, these are security features. Understand the smart door security function of these knowledge points should be clear.

First, the use of intelligent door locks (access control system price) materials will use zinc alloy or aluminum alloy, can effectively prevent the violence forced open the situation;

Second, because the smart door lock material is strong, the thief is difficult to pry open the lock in a minute;

Third, the smart door (uhf rfid reader module price) has a mobile phone monitoring function, when the fist encounter violent beat or pick up the lock, the phone will have an alert prompt.

Fourth, want to smart door lock security function to play the greatest effect, it is best to use with the home intelligent security equipment supporting the use. For example: infrared anti-theft device.