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How to choose the right lock?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-10-25 14:20:43
Family security is to rely on the door lock, so the indoor door lock is home decoration are essential, then how to buy some good indoor door lock (Contactless Temic card company) it? But also a very good show a sense of decoration.

From the function to choose
In the home improvement, seemingly ordinary hardware often lead to serious security risks. Need to face the lock (electric lock suppliers china) in the home of the important position:

1, anti-theft function: in the door, the main room, study to add the basic anti-theft function to ensure the safety of life and property.

2, fire, escape function: the function of the design, to avoid accidents in the life to bring hidden dangers. If the lock is not fire, will be in the high temperature lock body deformation, in danger caused by can not open, delay the opportunity to escape.

3, anti-bacterial function. Bacteria in the family members between the highest cross-frequency transmission, the door is one of the most important means of transmission.

So the antibacterial properties of the lock (RF ID card IC card wholesales china) material is extremely important. Recommended: in the kitchen, bathroom, easy to residual breeding bacteria, should use the antibacterial effect of high-grade stainless steel door locks; children, the elderly resistance is weak, the same should use high-grade stainless steel door locks.

Material is essential

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of various types of material door locks, choose green, environmentally friendly products, protect the health of family life:

Low elasticity, easy deformation; low strength, poor impact resistance; color cold monotonous, easy oxidation, short life; simple monotonous style, the material itself is low value, poor fire function The

2, zinc alloy - easy casting processing, development of low cost; style, surface color and more; low strength, poor impact resistance, rust resistance is poor, the internal material prone to oxidation, there are spots; crisp and easy to break, Drill, tamper, anti-saw; material itself low value; intolerant low temperature; poor fire function

3, stainless steel - strong corrosion resistance, high strength, fire, anti-drilling, tamper, anti-saw, anti-shock, long life; uniform texture, good density, no pores, trachoma, bright color uniform, delicate; , The production process is complex, the development cost is high.