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Fingerprint locks are becoming more and more popular

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-09-06
Nowadays, more and more intelligent Home Furnishing into our lives, from many aspects of our lives to bring change, we entered twenty-first Century, intelligence has been getting closer and closer to us, people are now living cannot do without science and technology and innovation, more people to accept more and Home Furnishing intelligent fingerprint lock (Password & ID card access control company), also develop better and better. 

The fingerprint anti-theft lock (Finger & ID card time attendance company) has the popularization trend, because compared with other mechanical fingerprint anti-theft door lock, password lock, lock: induction of high safety, can not be copied, the memory is strong, can be in the lock, carry high, never lost, security is strong. Moreover, the fingerprint anti-theft lock has become a symbol of high quality of life. 

The fingerprint anti-theft lock has better safety and can be applied to the standard anti-theft door and wooden door. The lock can connect the door and the door of the anti-theft door automatically or semi automatically, and does not affect the performance of the original anti-theft door. 

Anti-theft performance is different, the market price is also a great difference. The price of fingerprint lock (electric lock suppliers china) with mechanical anti-theft function is obviously higher than that of ordinary fingerprint lock without world security function. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of fingerprint locks, according to your door to choose the appropriate lock. Fingerprint lock