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Knowledge of interior door locks

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-09-06 19:28:16
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In the Home Improvement decoration, seemingly common hardware, often lead to serious security risks. Need to face the important position of locks (Guangzhou IC card company) at home: 

1, anti-theft function: in the door, master room, study, to add basic anti-theft function, to ensure the safety of life and property. At present, the use of intelligent locks more security, this is not doubt. On the other hand, because of the security and intelligence of intelligent locks (High security Attendance machine wholesales), intelligent home locking and intelligent home will develop rapidly in the future. 

2,fire prevention and escape function: the design of this function can avoid hidden danger to life in unexpected events. If locks do not fire, will be in high temperature lock body deformation, in a critical situation can not open, delay the escape time.

3, anti bacterial function: bacteria in the family members of cross infection between the highest frequency, locks (rfid access control system) is one of the most important means of transmission. 

Therefore, the anti-bacterial properties of lock material is extremely important. Suggestion: in the kitchen and toilet, it is easy to breed bacteria. It should use the advanced stainless steel door lock with bacteriostatic effect. The resistance of children and old people is weak, and it should also use advanced stainless steel door lock.