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Intelligent door lock humanized development, not afraid to forget the key

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-08-17
With the wide range of portable intelligent devices, smart home products have become hot. Whether it is a variety of control lamps, or smart appliances, have brought convenience to our lives. As the home of the first "line of defense", the door should also have an important position of intelligence, intelligent door locks (access control system price) and therefore the application of life. 

Whether it's the trouble with a forgotten key, or a visit from a relative or a friend, or even a fear that the door isn't locked, an intelligent door lock can provide us with a safe and convenient life. The user can not only view the lock on the mobile device, but also automatically open the door near the door lock, and can also set personalized permissions for different visitors.
The development of smart home has opened up a wide range of market for intelligent door locks (rfid access control system). The development of the market has brought great promise for both businesses and users, and this opportunity also provides a powerful guarantee for the new products. 

Although the market is not large, but it did not affect the development of intelligent door lock (best price Magnetic lock manufacturer) heat, many companies have launched their own smart products, provide a variety of choices for users, is expected to occupy their own market development and prosperity in a space for one person before.