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Let you at home at ease, go out assured intelligent door lock system

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-08-16 12:30:50
The doors and windows Home Furnishing is the first line of defense, with the increase of people's safety consciousness, from the last century in 80s and 90s, security doors (Multi-language Attendance machine wholesale), wooden doors gradually rise, with the continuous development of security technology, now with smart window products
Appear, intelligent door locks will become the first guardian of home security". 

Intelligent lock (Keyless door lock china)with different mechanical locks, involving machinery, electronics, intelligent lock computer system, because of lack of experience or advice purchasing only cheap, buy the product after a period of time may not find manufacturers, or have quality problems found irresponsible manufacturers manufacturers that users do not give maintenance or parts price phenomenon caused by improper. 

So, in the purchase of intelligent door locks (rfid access control system), should pay attention to a few points?: 

1, locks the appearance according to the user's hobby and the decoration disposition choice, for example the hotel uses the suggestion, generally selects the appearance to be more solemn for the ideal. 

2, the use of non air screw lock, non air screw lock is not affected by the deflection of the panel when the door open. 

3, select the induction card door lock, first to check its sensitivity, and then understand the static power consumption of induction locks.

4, the use of magnetic card locks, you should understand whether the lock read card head manufacturers to develop their own card reader, its own encryption algorithm, or the use of universal magnetic card reader head. 

5 press the handle to open the door, the door should be flexible and smooth, the lock body should not seriously "kill" and "snap" mechanical friction sound. 

6, the door lock card or induction key card should be sensitive. 

7, to choose the standard five lock tongue structure of the lock body, lock body locking pin with motor drive.