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Intelligent door locks are the inevitable trend of future door lock development

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-06-05
  I believe we are very clear, the door, as the first barrier to family safety, its role should not be overlooked, the same position in the eyes of the same family can not shake. And with the rapid development of science and technology, the same lock began to change as a smart. PROYU, Office/ home dynamic password lock factory, provide high quality intelligent door locks. 
From a security perspective
  Smart door locks in this area a lot of effort. Such as fingerprint or face recognition mechanism of the door lock, can support the living body recognition, so before the attention of the fingerprint cover or mask, photos, etc. can not be opened, support remote or share the key to open the door can also open the door information to the user , Allowing users to real-time understanding of the home door lock state. And when the door is pryed or damaged, some smart locks can also send an alarm, and the alarm pushed to the owner's phone, in order to protect the safety of home users. PROYU, your security life creator, have various of rfid access control system
In a convenient way
  Smart door locks do have the inherent advantages, and unlock the way is no longer rigid and traditional mechanical key to open the door, can support three or more than three unlock methods, such as fingerprint lock, password unlock, card unlock, phone unlock, face Unlock, and so on, the new beginning of the way popular young users like, because we are all forgotten because of the key and locked in the door, this dilemma is actually very hard to bear.
This is a safe, convenient, stylish, humane smart lock, naturally able to become young people favorite "object", as the future development of intelligent door lock the inevitable trend.
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