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Intelligent surface treatment of locks

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-05 11:30:31
  As we all know, smart locks are different from the traditional mechanical locks, in the user identification, security, management, more intelligent lock. It is a variety of ways to open the door, you can through the fingerprint, touch screen, open the door lock. PROYU, electric lock suppliers china, provide high quality intelligent door locks.
  However, no matter what kind of smart locks, for its surface treatment are essential. So what do you know about the surface treatment of smart locks?
Surface treatment refers to the use of metal electrodeposition (commonly known as electroplating), coating (spray), chemical oxidation (coloring) or other processing methods in the surface of the parts covered or form a protective film. The film mainly from the anti-corrosion effect, but also increase the aesthetic and product durability, is a direct measure of product quality is an important factor.
  Common methods of measuring surface treatment are: cover with thickness measurement, combined force inspection, salt spray and wet test, visual inspection and so on. PROYU, PROYU, your security life creator, have various of rfid access control system.
  Coating is carried out by coating adhesion, hardness, moisture test and appearance inspection and other methods.
  PROYU a series of new value of the home door locks and hotel locks, the perfect interpretation of "human intelligent home security technology" design concept, the process, energy saving, art harmony, so smart door really fit your needs, into life The beauty, to become a home to enjoy. PROYU focus on intelligent fingerprint lock, home smart door R & D and production, can provide intelligent lock, fingerprint lock to join agents. Would like to know more information, please click Electric Magnetic lock manufacturer.