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Some Suggestions From China GSM Alarm System Supplier

Lancy He www.smart-home-security.cn 2015-02-04 17:43:40
 Sometimes we will meet problem like this: the property in our clothing store was stolen by thieves. So how can we prevent it? What can we do?
In generally speaking, thieves always enter our shop in three ways:

1.Enter from the Door

The doors of many shops are shutter doors, thieves always destroys the doors in the ways below: 1.Use some special tool to drill the key cylinder 2. Pull forcibly 3. Open the door with some skills or use a crowbar to pry etc. 


2.Enter from the Window

Thieves will  pry a window which has no burglar mesh easily with some simple tool to enter; If the window has burglar mesh, thieves will pry the window with a crowbar. Or they will use the jack to open the window. 


3.Enter through the hole from the top of roof

When the building is an old building, they usually do like this:  They will open the tile from roof, or they may enter into the ceiling form some other ways and then dig a hole to get into your shop.

  So How should we do? How can we prevent thieves enter our store?

  In my opinion, we shouldn’t put some valued things in our shop when we are off work, such as money or mobile phone. And then, you should install a GSM alarm system and a cctv camera in your shop. Our company, Shenzhen Proyu Technology Co. Ltd, is a professional china GSM alarm system supplier. We also can supply some componet like the door contact. We will give you a good quality product with best price!

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