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Biometric VS Access Control Card , Each has its own merits

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-05-18
  Like the old saying, Waves which come later are stronger and higher. Does the biometric will take the place of Access Control Card? The author tell you about the "enmity" between biometric and Access Control card.
  Biometric you must be not strange, it exists in your face, your eyes, your fingerprints, these techniques can prevent the general fraud by using the password for theft, but if these base information is stolen, impact is immeasurable, the equivalent of this world have a talk to you as like as two peas, steal your identity. Have you ever thought about it?
  But the card market has gone through many years of traditional manufacturers, precipitation is not fuel-efficient lights, on the one hand, its high security, installation and portability, in a large number of users in a large number of circumstances can also maintain efficient operation. On the other hand card hidden danger and easy to copy, easy to crack, ordinary residential ID card, you can easily get a copy of another same card. So the traditional access control enterprise reform is imperative.

  In the future, when a variety of IT technology, mobile phone technology began to achieve more integration with access control products, users will experience more attention to the product will be more attention. With the development of Internet technology, the integration of access control and attendance with Internet technology has become the future development trend of the industry.