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Is the fingerprint lock really safe?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-05-17 15:59:40
  Fingerprint identification technology has two technical directions, one is optical fingerprint identification, and the other is semiconductor fingerprint identification.
  Optical fingerprinting is what we see on a card machine, which is very cheap and has been used extensively in the early days. But the semiconductor fingerprint identification must be more reliable. In terms of security, the semiconductor fingerprint identification can retain more details, and it is more adaptable to the fingers under different conditions. Moreover, the lifetime of semiconductor fingerprint identification is longer.Now fingerprint identification locks are becoming popular. In the online search intelligent door locks can be found, basically every product with fingerprint identification unlock function. 

  Fingerprint identification system of the two core, one is the sensor, and the other is a fingerprint algorithm, the two can be achieved with the best state of the system. 
  There are two main indexes to evaluate the security level of fingerprint unlocking: FRR (FAR, Reject, Rate) and FAR (False, Accept, Rate). FRR refers to the probability of error in using the correct recognition of the true fingerprint. False rate is the probability of using false fingerprints to authenticate.
  The security of the fingerprint identification module is higher because of the security of the whole company or family. So, please choose our product. PROYU, your security life creator.
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