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Furniture life gradually intelligent inventory of intelligent door locks using six tips

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-19 11:23:51
  Today's society, intelligent life has begun to spread, people's lives began to rely more and more intelligent, in the intelligent family, intelligent door lock is one of the important role. Because smart door locks are increasingly favored by consumers and hotels. 
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  1, continuous card or brush when the magnetic card is normal operation
To repeat the continuous card or induction card to open the door is normal operation, should not appear "no response", "error" or "motor chaos" and so on. To investigate the brand of the door lock information, the clock is not easy to chaos, as long as the smart door lock performance is stable, the so-called additional features do not necessarily have a practical effect. Should choose its own error correction function of the circuit lock. Such as choosing an immature product may not be able to use or maintain a great job.
  2, select the induction card door lock first check the sensitivity of the sensor and then understand the static power consumption sensor
Because the general induction lock are used to dry battery power supply, to understand the static power of the sensor door is very important, some of the current brand sensor door lock four batteries can be used continuously for more than a year, some brands less than a month on the battery. Frequent replacement of the battery will seriously affect the use. 
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  3, the choice of fingerprint lock should understand the door lock fingerprint collection system
  When using the fingerprint lock, it should be understood that the fingerprint acquisition system is an optical fingerprint acquisition system, a semiconductor fingerprint acquisition system or an ultrasonic fingerprint acquisition system. Which can be used in Section Yuhua optical fingerprint collection system is most suitable for the use of door lock environment.     Optical acquisition system has excellent antistatic ability compared with other acquisition systems, the system stability is good, the service life is long, can provide high-resolution images, to achieve a larger area of ​​fingerprint image acquisition. 
  4, the choice of intelligent door locks to use the door panel material and surface plating is uniform
  In the purchase, claiming that the copper panel is the use of copper or plate plating imitation gold, stainless steel is the use of 304 stainless steel or low price 2 to 3 times the ordinary stainless steel. Users can also use PVD surface treatment, PVD surface treatment normal use of fifteen years do not fade. Such as the use of ordinary plating surface to see whether the surface of the door seal protective paint.
  5, press the handle to open the door lock is flexible, smooth
Lock body should not have serious "Cha" "Cha" mechanical friction sound. Gently force should be able to press the handle down, hand back to normal. Mechanical transmission can not rely on oil lubrication, depends on the mechanical connection of the compact, such as all rely on oil lubrication once a long time after the use of oil drying, the door lock on the frequent failure.
  6, to choose whether there is a standard five-lock structure of the lock body, the lock body to use the motor drive pin
  The choice of the lock body is the standard five-lock tongue, whether it has a tamper insurance tongue and indoor lock large tongue and mechanical key emergency door.
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