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Take you to understand the development of contemporary smart locks

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-20 09:50:18
  With the Internet and the rapid development of Internet technology, intelligent home and intelligent life concept gradually into people's lives, intelligent door lock market is unlimited prospects, but the price of smart locks or so many consumers discouraged, then the smart door Why is the price so high? What is the cost of it? Next, we analyze for everyone. 
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  What is an intelligent door lock?
  With the development of science and technology, the lock has also occurred several times the replacement, intelligent lock is different from the traditional mechanical lock, in the user identification, security, management more intelligent lock. The smart lock is the execution part of the lock door in the access control system. At present, the domestic market sales are mechanical locks, sensor locks, password locks, fingerprint locks and several door locks, each product features and technical applications are different.
  At present, most people use the most common mechanical lock. Induction locks and password locks are often used in business and public spaces, the hotel room door lock is the sensor lock, and many companies choose a password lock for gated management.
  The core components include: lock core, spring, ball, lock and other physical components (plug key), the motherboard and the clutch to be fingerprint collector with a unique password technology and microprocessor CPU, and smart chips and embedded programs Several major core components. 
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  Second, the basic functions of smart locks
  1. Use a variety of ways, you can open the door through a smart phone, finger, or smart watch
  2. Can achieve remote control, can also be outdoors for home visitors to open the door
  3. Door lock according to their own state to actively communicate with the user, such as the door to close the door to remind the violence, such as violence to remind
  4. Low energy consumption, the ordinary 5 batteries can be used for more than a year
  5. High security, intelligent home system procedures for confidentiality
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  6. The future development: stability and cost-effective is the key
Although the price is high is the move, but the price of the product is determined by the market demand, and product quality and other conditions.   And whether it is the electricity business platform buyers message, the wisdom of the community user evaluation, are reflected, there are still serious lack of intelligent door locks: stability.
  Intelligent door locks need ultra-low power, real-time connection, but in practical applications, due to WiFi, ZigBee agreement through the wall capacity, power consumption, coverage and other aspects are not enough to support the smart door lock function. 
  There are also large-scale intelligent home business team specifically for these loopholes, the introduction of a variety of solutions or upgrades, intelligent door lock installation costs are gradually reduced.
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