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Intelligent door lock management system function introduction

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-06-06
  In our lives, with the popularity of the popularity of smart locks for the use of more and more widely. However, the use of smart locks is inseparable from the management system, and its intelligent door lock management system is based on the realization of the basic functions of the door on the basis of the actual management needs and market development needs, the door lock system expanded to a set Functional, easy to operate, easy maintenance of the door lock management system. So what do you know about smart door lock management system functions? PROYU, wholesale hotel door lock system, provide outstanding intelligent locks. 
  Intelligent door lock management system function introduction:
  1, support a card multi-lock and a lock multi-card function.
  2, can support a single report loss and batch report loss function.
  3, open the door key can be achieved hierarchical authorization management.
  4, intelligent door lock management system with low voltage alarm door function. PROYU, Smart card Hotel lock Supplier, your security life creator. 
  5, open the door key management function, and support a single report of loss and batch report loss function.  
  6, intelligent encryption and decryption system will make security safer, you can make the security operation more simple, anti-drilling, tamper, anti-twist and other destructive open.
  7, intelligent door lock management system features a door to open the record query function, you can record the history of the door to open the door record (when what "people" in what way to open the door), to add a security for you.
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