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How to use Fingerprint lock after installation?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-05-24 09:45:07
  Today, with the popularity of smart home, fingerprint lock has been widely applied to a variety of families. According to scientific confirmation, each person's fingerprints are unique, not exactly the same two fingerprints exist, even if the twins are not the same fingerprints. Therefore, the use of fingerprints as the door of the "key" is very safe. Then how to use fingerprint lock after installation? 

First step:
  After the fingerprint lock is installed, we need to write fingerprints to the head of the fingerprint, let the fingerprint lock know who is their own master.
  This time the need for fingerprint lock fingerprint collection, all the members of the family fingerprints, according to the instructions for fingerprint input, the general can store hundreds or even more fingerprint records.
Step 2:
  The fingerprint lock intelligent system judges the information input by the head of the household. When the owner with their own fingers at the fingerprint lock sensor module press the fingerprint, this time the fingerprint lock system will head of the fingerprints of photoelectric conversion processing, the data will be compared with their own fingerprint library information. 
Third step:
  The fingerprint lock system makes a judgment and executes the command. When the information is matched correctly, the fingerprint record is consistent with the fingerprint record of the database. The system judges that the fingerprint is the fingerprint of the head of the household. Then, the result of the processing is passed through the power control box and sent to the door lock to realize the door opening.