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16 zone conventional fire alarm control panel PY-CK1016

16 zone conventional fire alarm control panel PY-CK1016

  • * AC POWER: 220 VAC, 50 Hz, 2.0 amps.
  • * Wire size: minimum 14 AWG (2.0 mm²) with 600-volt insulation.
  • * BATTERY: Sealed lead-acid batteries only.
  • * Maximum charging circuit: 27.6VDC @ 0.8 amp for normal flat charge.
  • * Maximum battery charger capacity: 18AH battery.
16 zone conventional fire alarm control panel
* Four to Sixteen Style B (Class B) Initiating Device Circuits (IDCs).
* All zones accept two-wire smoke detectors and any normally-open contact devices.
* Zones 1 - 16 configured as general alarm zones.
* All circuits are power-limited and supervised, meeting the latest ULC requirements using  fuseless technology.
* Two built-in, Style Y (Class B) Notification Appliance (Signal) Circuits (NACs).
* NACs may be programmed: Silenceable. Non-Silenceable.
* Auto-Silence (program 5 to 20 minutes).
* 1.25 amps of NAC power.
* 3.0 amps of total system power.
* Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory, Form-C relay standard.
* 24-volt operation.
* Resettable four-wire smoke detector power @ 500 mA.
* Non-resettable power @ 500 mA.
* Integral battery charger capable of charging up to 18 AH batteries (batteries over 4 AH require use of the external battery backbox, or ULC listed equivalent).
* One-man walk-test programmable for silent or audible test.
* Disable/Enable control per IDC.
* Reverse polarity protection.
* Control buttons:
  Mode/Test/ACK (Acknowledge) Alarm Silence/Reset

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