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electronic door lock system for hotels, access control system price

electronic door lock system for hotels, access control system price

  • Input voltage: DC12V + 20%, quiescent current of <80 mA operating current of <350 mA
  • Open the current does not than280mA
  • 95% 40 ℃ -70 ℃ of temperature - working temperature
  • Of course immunity tests: IEC801 standards
  • Immunity: IEC801 standards

High class Mute integration brainwave twin electric locks


1. card and remote control or reduce support EM or EM compatible card long distance, high-speed sensor, external dual card reader.Support 315MHZ learning remote.

2. The host can concoct an idea to achieve a lock assess control integration, and double encrypted wireless keyborad.

3. Compatible with all building intercom and access control systems lock signal.

4.With tamper alarm is set, it will alarm when the door is not closed.

5.Look automatically turned off, the alarm sounds and lisht, no collision, no noise, green.

6. Integrated stuctural design helps anti-destructive, in reasonable cirsuit and mechanical design, easy installation, easy oprate and its durability

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Technical Specifications:

Place of origin

Guangdong Province, China (mainland)

Brand name




Working current

150 mA




1.65 kg

Card Type

EM card or compatible card

User Support




Input voltage

DC12V + 20%

Quiescent Current

& Lt; 80 ma

Working temperature

-40 ° C-70 ℃

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