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Proyu, Best China GSM Alarm System Supplier

Martin Cai www.smart-home-security.cn 2015-01-09 15:52:26

  With exploring economic of the world,our safety Concepting is higher than before,Not only anti-thieft,but also for protecting ourself for aviod dangerous. 

  Early in 2009, Proyu create stable alarm system for whom care about safety, peace, Where is Proyu is where the sun shining. We are a China GSM alarm system supplier,with high-technology and competitive price,our product selling to all over the world, With different certification to satisfy different inquiry. 

When someone break into your house,the alarm will automatic made a phone call and send message, you can first time know the issue then call the police. 

In 2010: we producing wireless control alarm system,with max 50 detectors. 

In 2013: We develop the App operation alarm system, more easy,more effective!

In 2014: Design the elegant appearance,with self alarm, multi number calling system 

What is next? 
Development always been endless, we belive that our technology will lead safety improving!