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2017 smart door lock market or will usher in capital intervention

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-06-15
  Driven by the tide of intelligence, at home and abroad have been thinking about the new way out of the lock. Based on the network and Bluetooth smart door locks, fingerprint-based fingerprint door locks and even face recognition, iris recognition door lock as a new way to transform this industry. In the smart home constantly hot, although the business of smart home "center" have different ideas, but as a smart home entry-level essential products, the importance of intelligent door locks and strategic position undisputed. At present, the smart door locks have become the businessmen compete for smart home entrance an important entry point, there are institutions forecast, 2017 smart door market or will usher in capital intervention, the industry "outlet" is coming soon.
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  2016 years, with the Internet of things, cloud computing, large data and other technologies continue to mature and widely used, coupled with the capital boost, smart home sudden emergence, as emerging industry forces. The smart door locks as a smart home in a representative of the product, its development potential is very large. The emergence of smart locks, to the modern life has brought great convenience. For example, we now go out do not have to repeatedly check whether they forget the key to work or in the field can be remotely unlocked by the phone to see the family out of the door situation. Or rental housing can automatically add or remove the tenant fingerprints without having to change the lock core and so on. And through the proximity card, digital password, fingerprints to unlock, especially the fingerprint as a unique biological password widely used in the lock, so that the door becomes like a fingerprint to open the iPhone screen as easy, greatly enhance the convenience of people to unlock , Fast.
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  Smart door lock into a business for smart home entry
  According to the relevant report shows that China's lock industry's total output value of more than 60 billion yuan, of which the smart door lock industry output in 2016 will be more than 6 billion yuan. Such a huge market, but also led to a lot of smart home business, have launched their own smart door lock products, claiming that the latest smart technology, do not have to bring the key with a card to facilitate the use of other people selling point advantage. Smart door locks also become a business for the smart home entrance to the important entry point products.
  It is understood that the core components of the smart door include: lock cylinder, spring, marbles, latch and other physical components (plug key), motherboard and clutch to fingerprint collector with a unique password technology and microprocessor CPU, and intelligent Chips and embedded programs and other major core components. With the continuous development of intelligent door lock industry, its application places are gradually wide.   But also the hotel official said that the cooperation of the door lock team is not mature. After installing more than 1,000 door locks, the cloud server actually collapsed. Under normal circumstances, when using the phone to open the door, take a long time, or even more than 30 seconds, which gives the hotel customers a very bad experience. 
  2017 smart door lock market or will usher in capital intervention
  In the B-side market, apartments, hotels and other fields are many new Internet smart lock business aimed at the market, according to statistics, the current domestic rental housing 70 million units, plus a huge number of hotel market, these B-side customers for Smart locks have a strong demand. For the C-end market, the data show that 2016 domestic family smart door locks more than 2 million, the growth rate of more than 40%.
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