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Common problems and treatment methods of fingerprint password lock

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-30 09:45:49
  For safety, convenience and other considerations, at present, home intelligent has become a trend. The fingerprint password lock is one of the products, not only fashionable, intelligent, but also safe, convenient, and loved by many families. However, in the process of using the fingerprint code lock, sometimes it will inevitably lead to some minor problems. Well, do you know what are the common problems with fingerprint locks? How do we deal with these problems? 
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  Common problems and treatment methods of fingerprint password lock:
  Frequently asked questions 1: login timeout
  Processing method: fingerprint password lock login timeout problem, the reason is because the finger placement generally is not standardized, finger in too late or too strong caused by external light, we only need to operate in accordance with the procedures.
  Frequently asked questions 2: managers are full
How to handle it: if the manager is full, the simplest and most effective way is to delete a manager before logging in.
  Common question 3: cannot communicate with PC
  Processing methods: check and PC serial settings and attendance machine address settings, as well as check whether the communication line is unblocked. 
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  Common problem 4: the system is locked
  Processing method: when the fingerprint password lock system is locked, please turn off the power, switch the battery switch off, and then make the system re powered.
  FAQ 5: button no response
  Processing method: the fingerprint password lock appears the button does not respond the question, generally is because the battery installs counter or the battery does not have electricity, therefore only needs to install the battery or to replace the battery.
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