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Proyu, Special lock for hotel electronic lock special safety anti-theft management

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-08-11 14:15:43
Hotel locks are part of the series of electronic locks. It has a different demand on household and household electronic lock, electronic lock (Contactless IC card company) are required to open the door for ways to open the door open and convenient; coexist, hotel electronic lock is single or small open mode choice, which is conducive to the realization of management. Most of the domestic hotel IC lock as hotel lock, the door lock management system is composed of computer, smart card reader, management software, is conducive to the hotel management, guest information management, and the above information query and statistics. After the emergence of electronic locks, the hotel locks (access control system price) developed most rapidly. 

Core advantage:
1) lock: standard 5 American Standard tongue lock (rfid access control system
) body structure with oblique tongue inserted prevention and escape function;
2) patented clutch structure: handle idling design, effectively prevent violence, damage to handle and lock body;
3) low power design: the use of microwave wake-up technology and reasonable circuit design, can effectively reduce power consumption and improve battery life;
4) microwave wake-up Technology: compared with infrared wake-up technology, it can reduce the wake-up power consumption and reduce the external interference. When the induction card is placed in the black wallet or the like, it can also wake up the system to operate;
5) induction card: MiFareOne high frequency card, it can be equipped with one card function;
6) PCB board: PCB board through waterproof, moisture-proof treatment, as well as aging and seismic testing, high quality assurance, performance, quality and reliable;
7) emergency door: equipped with emergency mechanical key to open the door, when the door lock power consumption or circuit problems, you can use a mechanical key to open the door; 

8) false lock alarm: when the door lock is not in place, false lock, the door lock will send an alarm prompt;
9) door information inquiries: you can query the door information, including different ways to open the door (mechanical key or door card), open card cardholder and opening time for rainy days.