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Smart door locks looks high tech ,convenient and safe

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-08-10
Press a control button, the rice cooker in the home automatically boil the rice, wait for you to go home; go to the door, scan the face or pupil, the door will automatically open...... Do not think these scenes only appear in the film, the reality can still do.

In this era of high technology, household products are also moving towards intelligent.

To ensure home safety, locks are essential. How to let the door "look for their owners, part of the door enterprises developed three types of high-tech locks (access control system price), through specific password to open the door, open the door through the door through the ad hoc fingerprint recognition, the master's face. 

Safety lock (best price hotel keycard lock factory) installed face recognition system, can be used in addition to face scanning lock, it can be combined with the key, password, fingerprint lock function, realize the combination of various unlocking mode. Similarly, a door with a password and fingerprint door lock can also be unlocked with a key. 

According to reports, the face recognition system in the intelligent door lock (rfid access control system) is the overall outline of the face, including facial features, face position and angle of the three-dimensional analysis, collecting face various technical points up to more than 100, and then identification. The owner will be able to unlock the door only if he is scanned at the right distance.