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Is it necessary to install an intelligent door lock at home?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-08-14 13:28:17
With the development of science and technology, intelligent Home Furnishing has been developed, along with the rise of smart locks (rfid access control system), with intelligent lock, actually a lot of people are not unfamiliar, just press a fingerprint, or enter a few numbers, or a Carmen, or APP mobile phone remote control can be easily opened, not only convenient and very out of the ordinary. Intelligent door locks are common in hotels or some commercial places, but they can also appear in our homes now, and make our own doors unique and safe. 

But also some people will think that ordinary residential accommodation, are generally equipped with unit cell doors, door access control, set up around the camera, from time to time in the district as well as security patrol, under such "layers of protection", appears to have been the guarantee of safety, so I have enough, need to install smart home security door lock (access control system price)?
Before we consider this question, let's think about it first. Is the mechanical lock really burglar proof? Can you be a hundred per cent "thief trained in professional skills?" 

Or, let's recall whether the following scenes often appear:
1, lost the key, not only for spare key.
2, go out to forget the key, go home, have to find the unlock master for help, may also damage the door.
3. The old people at home often forget to close the door.
4, temporary go down a garbage without the key, the wind blows on the door shut.
5, the key missing, doubt the key inserted in the door, forget to pull down, always worried about thieves when to patronize.
6, bad habit of misplacing keys, easy to get copied by others.
7, have obsessive-compulsive disorder, always feel at home do not lock out.
8, residential tenants were often thieves to steal.
It is practical to install an intelligent door lock (best price hotel keycard lock factory) on the door of your house. It is convenient and quick, and the safety is greatly improved. All of the above problems can be avoided.