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Do you know Hotel Card Reader Door Lock Used RFID Card Zink Alloy 8011-3Y?

2017-12-25 17:28:10
Its main features: 

1. It is forged by zinc alloy (stainless steel or copper) once, with high safety and stability. 

2. Intelligent ultra thin lock core, when punching as little as possible to the door. 

3. free handle to prevent external pressure from destroying the internal structure. Long working life.
4. We test every circuit board to ensure its life.

Lock and software work steps: 

The computer (installation software), the card encoder, the card and the lock are basic. You can also send energy saving switches and data collectors to the system... You can see the attached photos. 

The software will be provided free of charge to you. 

With the help of the software, you can easily complete the hotel door lock setting. At the front desk of the hotel, the hotel staff will make room cards for the guests. 

Then the guest gets the room card, goes to the right room, swipe card to unlock the lock, then insert the card into the energy saving switch, if necessary, it can get the power supply. 

As a manager, you can use the software to get daily / monthly / annual reports. 

Also, the data collector will help you get the save records from the lock and read them on the PC.