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How to guarantee the safety of Proyu's access control system ?

The security of the controller. 
The security of the controller is an easy problem to be ignored. At present a large number of access control button signal or lock control signals are switching signal, it means that one is in the construction of wiring, we need to avoid these control lines cannot appear in a non secure area, access controller installed in the ceiling or weak between covert security, to prevent the illegal personnel short circuit or open circuit line to open the door. Another solution is to select access controller with four state input detection. Illegal short circuit and open circuit will not only open doors, but also form alarm forwarding. 
The large-scale application of access control more and more widely, the security of network becomes more and more important, is a network communication control system users to worry about whether there may be a hacker attack, another is the current access control manufacturers, the corresponding channels and projects, integrated business because the staff flow, for the disclosure of access control the implementation of the system, the safety and reliability caused by the corresponding project situations may be affected. 

The security of the server. 
The security of the server is also a few aspects. A system of data security, access control system data are mainly stored in two places, one is the database of computer management, one is access control FLASH.