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Smart door locks save your amnesia!

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-05-27 09:36:56
1.Forget to bring wallet
  Remember to buy breakfast ready to pay when the money, can not find the money and then quietly put things back to the embarrassment. Now thanks to mobile payment developed, save the number of people who often forget to bring wallet! 
2.Forget the identity card
  ID card this thing usually does not seem to need, once the need to use the plane can not find the train? Do not panic! Traffic hubs are now equipped with a temporary identity card handling office, in addition to pay treasure can actually see the ID card information.
3.Forget to bring the key
  This is the ultimate killer! So far I called the landlord his first sentence has always been: "You forget the key?" When you clean up, strode out of the house, with the door to draw an arc, suddenly your heart slightly worried about - - my key? 
  Often forgot to bring the key back home, go out every day to find the key
House rental is worried that the keys are copied by the tenant, go out and carry the key is not convenient. 
Concerned about when the elderly go out, worried that the children did not go home.
A smart lock, save amnesia! 
  Smart door locks in support of the traditional key to open the door on the basis of the new fingerprints, passwords, credit card and other multi-door way to home security to increase a line of defense, effectively save the amnesia!