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Intelligent door lock ten development trend of the user experience is more important

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-26 14:32:38
  The past two years, as intelligent home entry-level products, intelligent door lock expansion rate amazing, numerous traditional mechanical lock production enterprises, smart home production enterprises and Internet smart hardware cross-border enterprises are pegged to this huge cake, the entire market outbreak soon. From the road of intelligent lock product design ideas is not difficult to predict the future of the 10 key development direction of intelligent lock:
  1, mobile phone APP becomes standard
  APP becomes a smart lock standard, no APP smart lock is not a smart lock This has become the consensus of the times, the definition of smart lock has changed. APP's mobility operation makes smart locks unlock and manage at your fingertips. APP unlock mode will become a user in a long time a habit. APP's high efficiency and practicality will directly affect the user's choice of quality of the smart lock. 
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  2, the more extreme simple and safe way to unlock
  Biometric unlock, physical unlock, mechanical unlock, voice unlock will go hand in hand. Unlock the method has no good or bad points, simple and the ultimate way to unlock the user will become the first choice. Iwalnutlock walnut smart lock forget the phone unlock, mobile phone can also be unlocked by more users like, voice lock will become one of the important options, but need more mature technology to achieve. 
  3, artificial intelligence technology development and application to speed up
  The purpose of intelligent is to solve more problems for the user, intelligent unlock, intelligent alarm, intelligent monitoring is a means to effectively solve the unlock, alarm, monitoring found that the sudden problem is the key, if the police but can not effectively solve the problem, To bring more trouble to the user. 
  4, and intelligent home security docking action
  Docking is the smart door will go the road, no docking no future, docking unsafe can not go. Although there is no more mature and better docking platform and mature docking terminal products, multi-platform docking may be helpless choice, security also restricts the space and time of intelligent lock docking. 
  5, a wider smart lock product line initially formed
  Smart lock product line must continue to lengthen, all with the lock-related products will enter the smart lock industry, an APP solution to unlock all the problems will soon be achieved. The lock link is earlier than the material connection. Iwalnutlock walnut lock the door lock, door lock, lock has been achieved docking. Subsequent docking of other locks is simpler.
  6, update the use of better materials 
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  Good products need good material support, the development of better materials applied to the smart lock is the development of the industry will go the road. Iwalnutlock walnut smart lock developed W2 creative world's first use of tempered glass for smart lock panel, not only smart lock more contemporary, but also can play a wear-resistant, scratch effect.
  7, more perfect product design and intellectual property protection
  The era of copying products will soon end, smart lock products is a new intelligent products, he needs to have more characteristics of the times, because it is installed with the traditional door, his design is even more important The Simple plagiarism and imitation will be abandoned by the user. 
  8, the user experience is more important
  The particularity of the smart lock itself determines the rapid development of smart locks must ensure that the user's sufficient experience, not enough experience of the product consumers will be more difficult to accept. Walnut smart lock W1 development with four years, the user experience with a year, W2 development with two years, the user experience with a year. 
  9, safety and stability decided to go far
  The biggest test of the smart lock is his safety and reliability. Internet security, product safety, product and product docking security, its design and investment is essential, a small neglect will have a big security problem. The reliability and stability of the product also determines the development of the brand.
  10, the price level determines the speed of development of the market
High-priced strategies in the short term there will be some brand effect, can be more and more symmetrical information in the era, can maintain the time will be shorter and shorter, his sales is difficult to grow rapidly. Reasonable market prices should be the ideal choice.
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