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How much do you know if the door lock is not properly maintained and damaged so much?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-09-07 08:41:41
Door locks are the core of home security, and a good door lock (High security Attendance machine wholesales) provides security for our lives. However, most of the door after installation, lax management, 90% of users admitted without any maintenance on the door, it accelerated the aging of door lock, door lock, lock body rust appeared brittle phenomenon, resulting in potential safety hazard. In order to improve this problem, the following four door lock maintenance can effectively alleviate this problem.

1. keep the door open smoothly
Check the lock (Guangzhou IC card company) core of the door lock regularly (half year or year) to see if there is dust in the lock core hole. If there is dust, you can wipe the dust with a soft cloth. Avoid adding any other oils to lubricate to prevent grease from sticking to the spring, causing the lock to rotate and not open.

2. reduce the friction of the lock body itself
To ensure that the lock has a lubricant at its turn, this will reduce the friction of the lock itself, thereby increasing the service life of the lock. It is recommended that it be checked for six months or a year.

3. do not twist the keys forcibly
If you do not open the door, do not twist the key forcibly, it is easy to break the key, there is unnecessary trouble. Loose doors should be fastened with screws if loose leaves cause the door to sink. If the door frame deformed, you can start from the door frame, the corresponding expansion of the lock (rfid access control system) tongue, so that the door open and close, you can return to normal flow.