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Smart doors become increasingly popular or smart home new entrance

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-27 09:40:14
  According to the latest report released by research firm ResearchandMarkets, the global smart home equipment and services market will grow at an annual rate of 8% -10%, and the market will reach $ 68 billion by 2018. Among them, the domestic smart home potential market size of about 5.8 trillion yuan. You can see the smart home industry or have great potential to be developed. However, the current domestic smart home is still in the primary stage of development, can not be popular. However, a small category under the smart home - intelligent security products step by step to open the consumer market, a change in the smart home ever cold image, so many people began to enjoy the convenience of intelligent life. 
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  Smart home products can not be extensive in-depth people's lives, there are many reasons. One is a lot of smart home products is "pseudo-smart", just to achieve networking, not cut in the pain of consumers; Second, the use of a higher threshold, the average young people are more likely to accept intelligent products, and for the elderly, Additional features are more of a burden; again, many smart products use low frequency, cost is not high. Smart fingerprint lock is different, as a daily access will be used to things, it is the whole family to use the highest frequency of household products.     Different from the traditional mechanical lock, it is necessary to go out from the habit of having to go out with the key, so that open the door into a like a fingerprint to unlock the iPhone as a convenient thing, people really understand the convenience of intelligent life. 
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  Smart door lock is the trend of intelligent life, through the network centralized management, simplify the operation, can greatly enhance the user experience. Fingerprints unique features make it possible to replace the key, an intelligent door lock manufacturers that the ideal smart fingerprint lock to deal with the elderly, children, dry fingers, shallow fingerprints, dirty fingers, fingerprint head dust, etc. can be speed identification, operation simple. If it is office workers, but also in the mobile phone installation supporting APP, at any time to see the family's access to prevent the elderly forget the lock door, children do not go home fun If you install a smart fingerprint lock, then do not have to change a number of tenants for a lock cylinder, and only need to add fingerprint information on the system can be, once and for all.
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