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Smart door locks open the door of the smart home which key steps are still missing

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-06-27
  To smart door locks as the "key" to open the door of a smart home have a certain technical support and a broad market to see the sea, but in order to really pry the wisdom of life ecological circle also need smart door lock gain can not. 
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  Door locks as the core of home security components, bear the responsibility of guarding the family safety, is to protect the first ring of family safety, but also the most important part. With the Internet of things, intelligent home and biometric technology majestic and "intelligent" both has become the direction of development of innovative products, has become a people's life philosophy, intelligent door locks in the "intelligent" wave of application And students. 
  Technology is the site of the country
  The reason why the market has a warm attitude towards the smart home, because the smart home convenience, intelligent, remote people can make life easier and simpler. Smart home is under the influence of the Internet of Things embodied, intelligent home through the Internet of things technology will be connected to a variety of equipment at home to provide a full range of information exchange functions to help families and external exchange of information to maintain, optimize people The way to help people effectively arrange time to enhance the safety of home life, and even save money for a variety of energy costs. 
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  Information security
  In the era of information security is difficult to guarantee, as the first security of family security, intelligent door lock is easy to be "eyeing", as information leakage and security risks of the entrance, intelligent door lock their own defects will also be placed in the embarrassing To the ground.
 Intelligent door lock emergency lock core anti-theft performance weak. In order to deal with emergencies, smart locks should usually be installed with an emergency lock cylinder, but some manufacturers are often in order to beautiful, in order to reduce the cost of installation or poor quality, low anti-theft performance of the emergency lock cylinder, but should be in the crisis People in the fire and water of the emergency lock cylinder to become the soft underbelly of family safety.
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