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Where is the hotel computer door lock in the end?

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-06-20
  Hotel computer door locks are not only intelligent, safe and good decorative effect, but also for the guests to create a comfortable, peace of mind and very modern living conditions of the necessary conditions. More hotel management brings great convenience, to establish your hotel's image, improve the hotel's economic benefits to a very important role. 
  PROYU, RF ID card Hotel lock Supplier, provide outstanding intelligent locks. 
  Hotel computer door locks - what is the hotel computer door lock
  Hotel computer door locks is the most advanced and highly intelligent door locks, it contains the smart card technology, microcomputer technology and mechanical and electrical integration technology. Called an electronic door lock model. With its supporting the use of modern smart card technology as a key to open the door, also known as IC card, is following the convex card, photoelectric card, bar code card, magnetic card and other traditional identification card after the emergence of a new high-performance information memory card, Reliability, security, storage capacity and anti-jamming capability has obvious advantages, has been widely used in finance, communications, access control, control, charge management and many other areas. 
  PROYU, Guangdong Magnetic lock manufacturer, your security life creator.
  Hotel computer door locks - hotel computer door locks where the victory
  1. Hotel income, the use of computer door locks, only a small number of service staff will be able to meet the needs of the hotel to reduce staff costs, and refined electronic key is an excellent advertising media, can promote the hotel, increase the "repeat customers". 
  2. Convenient management, computer door locks with a high degree of intelligence. Electronic sales are lost, you can easily lose the key to the void, no need to change the lock. In addition, the electronic key in the key of the effective time; after the expiration of the guests must pay, re-card to unlock, and thus can completely eliminate the arrears of housing prices. And its automatic preparation by the computer and information archives, managers as long as the computer to open the query, you can use the door at a glance. Each key can specify the effective area, level and time, in addition to unlock, but also for attendance, charges, so easy to use the hotel at all levels of management. 
  3. Room security, the hotel computer door lock with the international leading anti-plug five lock smart core, can completely prevent the thieves from the door with a card slot to open the door to open the attempt. Computer door lock electronic key is encrypted, only the hotel's personal computer and dedicated card issuing machine to prepare. Outsiders can not copy the keys, and all the key computers have cardholders' files. Such as the loss can be quickly reported loss, the key will be lost. Each time the card is unlocked after the computer locks are stored in the lock record, up to save more than 200, with the query these unlock records.
  4. Modern style computer door locks using the latest achievements of modern technology. Its exquisite smart electronic key, easy to operate, convenient computer door lock and luxurious appearance. All reflect the modern high-tech benefits to mankind. For the hotel staff and guests to provide a high taste of life.
  If you need more information, please click electronic door lock system for hotels.