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How do you deal with the broken electronic lock?

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-12-07
Electronic door lock is an electronic device, so once the electronic door lock system is too complex, it will inevitably increase the failure probability of the system. If the electronic lock has a problem, how should we deal with it? Here is a brief introduction to several methods for the maintenance of electronic door locks. (electric lock suppliers china)

1, when the legal card opens the door to the alarm green light, there will be a "beep" of the 8 short sound, door lock can not be opened, at this time the solution is to replace the battery.

2, the system identification error red light, there will be "beep" 4 short sound, the door can not open, because the system identification error, the replacement of the system card. (Keyless door lock china)

3, the mechanical reverse lock will appear the yellow light, at this time can not open the door, intelligent through the emergency card open the door.

4, electronic reverse lock yellow light, there will be "beep" 2 short sound, can not open the door, the lock room card will be cancelled to open the door.

5, the temporary termination of the yellow light will appear, there is a "beep" 3 short sound, the cancellation of the zero card can be cancelled.

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