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In the big data age, what big data support does the intelligent door control system provide for rent

2017-12-29 17:02:55
The access control system provides four data support for the management of rental housing. 

1, rental housing operation information: the order door intelligent access control system can collect housing quantity, location, tenant occupancy situation and so on, involving regional rental housing data, which can be provided to rental housing management staff or government departments, to assist departments in the operation management of rental housing. 

2, the floating population of social information system: the grant tenants access privileges at the same time, tenants will automatically go into individual social information, realize the active acquisition of floating population information system, database also supports seamless pipe flow center and other government departments, assist the export control of liquidity. 

3, the regional personnel structure: personnel data in the system are summarized, the data management platform will be a statistical classification: according to the total number of staff, gender, origin, classification and statistical attributes such as age, and generate statistical profiles of different forms, provide certain reference data for population statistics and public security system security control strategy.
4, focus on staff access to information: the release of key personnel of public security system to rental housing access control system (criminal record personnel, personnel of public security organs bail suspects, key personnel) list, access control system for the focus on the special personnel, focus on staff access to information will be the formation of an independent statement (as distinguished from the ordinary residents of real-time upload) to the public security system, so that the public security personnel rapid search and control.