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Summary of ten common troubles in access control system lock

1. why is the magnetic lock closed when the door is closed?
Check whether there is a rubber gasket; check the end of the plate, whether the screw is too loose; check whether the space between the magnetic lock lock and the suction plate is appropriate. 

2. why does the magnet lock out after a period of time when the magnetic lock is used?
Check the power supply "power and voltage" 1A/12V/24V output to reduce; check whether there are foreign objects (such as dust, rust, foreign body, etc.) on the surface of the magnet. 

3. why does magnetic lock iron often have to be adjusted?
Check whether the plate is loaded or not; check whether the plate has a rubber pad. Recommend that the client screw "screw fixative. 

4. what iron absorbed after feeling, a slight vibration, and inadequate suction?
Check whether the main body of the magnetic lock and the iron plate are completely absorbed and without foreign body, or to test the plate loose; check the voltage and current enough. 

5. why does magnetic lock have time delay, but it does not work?
The magnetic lock "delay adjustment" starts with time after power on, rather than after closing. The time delay of magnetic lock is 0, 3, 6, 9 seconds. Let's see if the setting time is 9 seconds. 

6. why does the magnetic lock have electricity, but the red LED light is light and can't be sucked up?
Check whether the voltage is sufficient to supply the electromagnetic lock (1A current /12V voltage)
7. why electric magnetic lock, but has caught the red LED lights have been lit, and the green light?
It may be that the magnetic locking sensors are damaged and need to be replaced.
8. why is the use of a double door magnetic lock that can't be absorbed for a period of time? 

The two door magnetic lock consumption is relatively large, check whether the power supply is sufficient, whether it is enough for double door electromagnetic locks, and whether there is line loss or current demand. 

9.Why does the magnetic lock match the controller without action?
Check the correctness of the "output" contact of the controller.

10.How do you distinguish between the high end and the low end of the magnetic lock, good or bad?
A simple and effective way is to select a brand lock