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The method and precautions of setting the fingerprint of home intelligent door lock

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-29 09:48:59
  With the advent of smart home, home smart door locks have been widely applied to people's daily life, the fingerprints have the difficulty of being copied is widely used, so as to bring us a more secure and convenient life Experience. So how do you know how to set up fingerprints for home smart locks? PROYU, Keyless door lock china, provide outstanding intelligent locks.
  Home smart door lock set the fingerprint method:
  1, press the rear panel "ENT" key and enter the administrator fingerprint to enter the management menu, select "user management" menu under the "input user" submenu, in the submenu can choose "entry manager" or "input user" The first official registrant must select "Entry Manager". 
  2, according to the home smart door lock screen prompts, the new user needs to gently press the finger in the fingerprint collection device, the collector collection lights flash, start the first collection of fingerprints. When the acquisition instrument lights up to flash, the new user must temporarily remove the finger from the instrument surface. Press the display prompts, the new user will need to gently press the same finger in the fingerprint collection device, put away, press the "ENT" button, the collector to collect the lights flash again, start the second collection of fingerprints. When the login is complete, the display prompts the user to "log in successfully" or "login failed".
  Home Smart Door Lock Set Fingerprint Note:
  1, fingers to clean
  Fingerprint collection, the fingers to clean, be sure to check whether there is a foreign body on the finger, otherwise, the fingerprint head will identify the foreign body, which will affect the future use, after all, foreign matter is not long in the hands, always out Down. 
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  2, the administrator to carefully selected
  Fingerprint lock administrator can control the entry, query, delete and other rights, so the administrator to carefully selected. The best choice to familiar with the operation, and often at home the owner, so that the need to adjust the key settings, it will be more convenient. 
  3, alternate fingerprint multiple entry
  In the home smart door lock when the fingerprint, many of my friends are choosing one of the fingers into the fingerprint, so carefully chosen is very good. Just, you can enter a few more, left and right hand can be. Sometimes, due to occupation, hobbies or lifestyle reasons, fingerprints may also have different degrees of wear and tear, or because of accident, finger fingerprints are destroyed, this will affect the normal use of fingerprint locks, so the best You can enter a few more fingerprints, to prepare for contingencies.
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