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Intelligent fingerprint lock: smart fingerprint lock where the wisdom?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-29 09:57:04
  We all know that smart fingerprint lock is not only more than the traditional lock more secure and more convenient, with a smart fingerprint lock will be very convenient for your life. But many people still on the smart fingerprint lock is not a special understanding of the smart fingerprint lock as long as the function is what this estimate is a lot of people do not know. So today, mainly to find out what smart fingerprint lock where the wisdom? 
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  In the "safe"
  The original purpose of the fingerprint lock is to protect the security, in the movie fingerprint lock often appear in some important items of protection measures, like what the bank vault, confidential information file room, will use the fingerprint lock to protect. With the development of science and technology, fingerprint lock also entered the lives of ordinary people, compared to ordinary anti-theft lock, fingerprint lock is more secure and reliable. All because it adopted a fingerprint lock the way, thieves want to enter your home without your fingerprint can not open the lock.
  And intelligent fingerprint lock in the fingerprint lock on the basis of the safety of a higher level, intelligent fingerprint lock not only tamper, anti-saw, anti-collision three anti-patent international lock body, which is the use of fingerprint fingerprint fingerprint technology, Anti-copy, fast identification, more secure and reliable. In addition, the fingerprint code lock on the basis of the installation of the internal wireless communication module, not only to support mobile phone remote unlock can also be linked with the intelligent cat's eye, always record the door into the flow of information, to prevent all possible threats. 

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   Wisdom in the "worry"
  Intelligent fingerprint lock not only supports fingerprint unlock, password unlock, but also increase the way the phone unlock, so that the door becomes more intelligent and more secure. I believe that everyone has been anxious to go out to forget the key, the key has to change the lock after the lock, nanny dismissed do not change the heart of the heart is not practical experience, and now these troubles a smart fingerprint lock can all get. It not only eliminates the key to the trouble you caused, but also to make the door easier. No matter where you are, there are courier door or friends and family home you can in the first time from the phone to get information, do not let friends eat closed the door.
  Intellectual in the "linkage"
  Speaking of "smart" word can not be separated from the phone, and now most of the smart home products are through the mobile phone APP to implement remote control. It is the internal installation of the wireless communication module to achieve the successful realization of the material and the material, people and things, all things linked to the goal. Intelligent fingerprint lock can be linked with the intelligent cat's eye, allowing users to find out at any time access to information flow. It can also be achieved through the mobile phone with the user linkage, anytime, anywhere you can easily click on the lock and other operations, so that the door to understand the user's heart. 
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