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Select the fingerprint lock to pay attention to what

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-29 09:39:14
  Today, the fingerprint lock as a high security smart locks, mainly to the human body fingerprints to identify the carrier and means. The fingerprint of the uniqueness and non-replicability determines the fingerprint lock is currently the most secure lock in all the locks, so many families have begun to choose the fingerprint lock as a home door lock. Then you know what to choose fingerprint lock to pay attention to what? 
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  Select the fingerprint lock Note:
  1, anti-theft
  Select the fingerprint lock must have anti-theft, anti-foil open, anti-cat's eye lock, anti-demolition surface unlock, anti-violent unlock, anti-snoop password garbled technology unlock, anti-false fingerprint lock ... ... and other technical tools unlock. With anti-theft, you can in a large extent to the safety of a security guarantee. 
  2, intelligence
  Intelligence is a key feature of the fingerprint lock is essential, open the door, close the door is simple and convenient, there are live deep fingerprint scanning technology unlock function, there is to increase and delete data function, voice function, do not remember too much password or code. High-performance fingerprint lock also comes with a video file to reveal the system, the user operation more convenient. 
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  3, stability
In the fingerprint lock, the stability can be said to be the most critical of an indicator, under normal circumstances, the general need for more than a year before the actual use will slowly stabilize down, stereotypes. Consumers in the purchase of the best selection of the main production fingerprint lock manufacturers. Such companies generally have a better production experience. Development experience is the best firm factor. 
  4, practical
  Door locks as we operate every day tools, in addition to security, the practicality is very important. Now on the market a lot of fingerprint lock brand, promote their products have a lot of features, in fact, many functions in the daily door simply do not use, get a lot of flashy things, no use but to the daily life of confusion. Therefore, the choice of fingerprint lock need to consider the practicality.
  5, versatility
  Should be suitable for the use of most of the domestic security door (in line with the 2008 version of the anti-theft door national standards), modified less. Good fingerprint lock installation time should not be higher than 30 minutes. Otherwise the user is difficult to complete their own installation and protection. Therefore, the choice of fingerprint lock, if the versatility is good, for the direct users, in the future after the sale can be easily resolved, easy to a mechanical lock or the original lock can be loaded back.
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