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What are the features of home smart door locks?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-14 11:52:27
  With the smart home boom, home smart door locks have become the first choice for many families. The emergence of home smart door to solve some people forget the key to the key problems, people can unlock the function through the card, fingerprint identification unlock function, virtual password function, button remote control unlock, remote control unlock and so on to unlock, greatly To increase the safety factor of the room. What are the features of home smart door locks? PROYU, Password access control company, provide outstanding intelligent locks. 

  Home intelligent door lock function introduction:
Virtual password
  Virtual password can prevent the password from being stolen. It can enter the door before and after the password can enter any number, increase the length of the password, to eliminate the opening password is peep the possibility of disclosure. Therefore, in the open door, you can add the correct password before or after more than one or more sets of garbled, as long as the data in this group has a correct password can open the home smart door lock. 
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Voice prompts
  Full voice prompts, easy to use and easy to use, you can make the operation more simple and easy to understand, all ages. Use the process, start the voice function, the whole process to guide the user to open the door, so that users know every step of the operation is correct, and prompt the user the next step. Especially for the elderly or children is very practical, so that they can be handy in the course of the operation, to reduce their lack of operation because of high-tech products that exclusion of the psychological.
Fouch induction
  The home smart door locks use a high-intensity drill-in touch screen, discard traditional mechanical buttons, and let you experience sensitive touch like a smartphone.
Report the loss of function
  When the door card is lost, you can lose the card invalid, effectively solve the card lost and brought back to worry about.
Low battery reminders
  When the battery is low, the voice is automatically reminded, but it can still be turned on> 100 times
External power supply configuration
  When the power is exhausted, an external 9V battery can be activated to ensure that the lock in any case can be used normally. 
Tamper alarm function
  Equipped with security level tamper sensing module, in the event of picking lock induction, high decibel warning alarm long sounded. Encountered a normal open and violent destruction, or a little deviation from the door lock, a strong alarm sound, can attract the attention of people around, effectively prevent the illegal acts of thieves.
Remote control to open the door
  Home smart door lock remote remote control can open the door, this feature connected with the Internet, in any part of the world can control the lock through the phone. Especially when the parents or relatives and friends to visit, they are not at home, through this feature remote control home smart door locks, so that they entered the door.
  The above describes the content, that is, home smart door locks with some of the features, by understanding these features, I believe we have a home for smart locks and traditional locks compared to what advantage is more clear. Through the use of home smart door locks, not only allows you to enjoy a comfortable life, but also make home more secure.
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