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Smart door locks bring different security for different areas

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-14 10:55:12
  Now the family safety as the starting point of the product is very much, such as smart locks, Menci, infrared detectors, smart cameras, home security packages and many other products come out, that can be considered home users to provide security protection. The rapid development of smart home industry for the convenience of home users, people can mobile phones and other mobile terminals anytime, anywhere to understand the situation at home, once found abnormal, intelligent home products to remind users to reduce property damage. But for ordinary home users, many consumers do not understand these products. PROYU, shenzhen Attendance machine wholesale, provide outstanding intelligent locks. 
  With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more home users began to pay attention to security issues, and home products, intelligent is a foregone conclusion, intelligent security to replace the trend of civil defense is also very significant. Now what smart home products can provide security services, where it is worth mentioning is the smart lock.
  According to the practical experience at home and abroad, the financial industry to implement security risk level is necessary, that is based on the use of anti-theft alarm equipment, installation layout and staff status, etc., can be protected by the protection of the protection of the area or the ability to draw the risk Level, which, intelligent lock function is essential.
  In the era of rapid development of science and technology, more and more businesses, users began to pay attention to family safety issues, I believe that before long, with the continuous improvement of home security equipment, there will be more and more users choose intelligent security products, users will be Through a more intelligent means to guard the family safe!
  Not only that, the smart lock is generally configured for B-level security level above the door lock, technology unlock time is longer, to dispel the theft of home financial fortune. In China's urban finance industry, the realization of networking alarm has become the basic requirements of the financial outlets. 
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  From a security point of view, the smart door in this area under a lot of effort. Such as fingerprint or face recognition mechanism of the door lock, can support the living body recognition, so before the attention of the fingerprint cover or mask, photos, etc. can not be opened, support remote or share the key to open the door can also open the door information to the user , Allowing users to real-time understanding of the home door lock state. With the rapid development of science and technology, the same lock began to like intelligent changes, and safety and convenience and whether there is a contradiction?
  And when the door is pryed or damaged, some smart locks can also send an alarm, and the alarm pushed to the owner's phone, in order to protect the safety of home users. In order to facilitate the point of view, the smart door does have a congenital advantage, and unlock the way is no longer rigid and traditional mechanical key to open the door, can support three or more ways to unlock, such as fingerprint lock, password unlock, Unlock, unlock the phone, face unlock, etc., a new way to start popular young users like, because we have been forgotten because of the key to lock the door, this dilemma is actually very hard to bear.
  As the first barrier to family safety, the role of the door can not be underestimated in the same position in the eyes of home users can not shake, to improve the ability to protect the smart lock is a must, in the financial industry, many places are on duty, Monitoring, with alarm function, can be integrated physical defense and human defense two roles. Alarm conditions are equipped with detection function, according to the use of smart locks and protection requirements, you can choose a variety of detection means. And home security door has now become the standard of thousands of households, and which the safety of the door lock has a very important role.
  Smart door locks to replace the mechanical lock is an inevitable trend, we have no reason not to believe that intelligent door locks will be its unique technical advantages, to lead the Chinese lock industry to get better development, so that more people more assured in the More occasions to use, but also make our future more secure.
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