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Smart lock to buy the basic common sense

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-08 11:03:00
  With the intelligent era of incoming, smart door lock has now become a real estate package and more and more families with the inevitable choice, so the face of the market a lot of smart lock brand, consumers must keep in mind the basic lock Common sense, so as to choose a good quality and has a perfect after-sales service ability of the smart lock brand. So what do you know about the basic common sense of smart lock purchase? 
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One, intelligent
  Smart locks can be added, delete and other operations, it should be very simple, users do not remember too much password and code. In particular, a good smart door lock can also be through the Chinese-style display menu to their own operation, with very convenient. This is a very common function of smart locks. And Omi Si fingerprint lock smart upgrade, leading industry standards; mobile phone remote door, remote monitoring mobile phone, a key to view the open door records, intelligent security security, mobile phone real-time monitoring door locks, regular reminders, door locks and other functions.
Second, stability
  Stability is the most important indicator of smart locks, the installation of smart locks in terms of stability is far from mechanical locks can not be compared, and the quality of smart locks is worth protecting. Consumers in the purchase of the best choice when the main production fingerprint lock manufacturers. Such enterprises generally have a better production experience. Omi Si smart lock has more than 10 years of top research and development technology team, the quality of intelligent lock after repeated testing was able to be available, the market recognition, but also received the favor of consumers. 
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Third, security
  Install the smart lock, it should not affect the use of anti-theft door function. Any lock there is a clear security risks, compared to the traditional mechanical locks, the smart door locks in the security has been greatly improved, but the security risks are still heart disease. Intelligent door lock standard with a mechanical lock cylinder, and the general mechanical lock is no different For technical thieves, open the fingerprint lock and open the mechanical lock is no difference. Smart door lock lock way: fingerprint identification, sensitive credit card, password, key, phone sensor unlock, ID card unlock. Can see the key is for the smart did not say you lock the mechanical lock cylinder ready.
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