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Learn this 4 strokes your home smart door lock will be more durable

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-20 10:06:06
  Smart lock is different from the traditional mechanical locks, in the user identification, security, management, more intelligent lock. In the enjoyment of a more secure and more convenient life, how to make the home of the smart lock to use more long? Look at the following Raiders! 
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  A, smart door lock clock calibration
  The door lock clock is very important for the intelligent door lock system, which does not accurately affect the use of the key card, regular inspection and timely calibration becomes very important, timely calibration, the same as with the set clock. When the door lock is repaired, if the power is over 10 minutes, the door lock clock should be reset after maintenance.
  B, intelligent door lock filling oil
  Cylinder as a door lock the most important mechanical structure, naturally can not ignore the maintenance. Found that the lock cylinder is not flexible or can not maintain the correct position, then the cylinder should be filled with oil: remove the side trim, with oil gun to the lock cylinder fuel injection, turn the handle and knob until the door lock so far. 
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  C, intelligent door lock Check the gap between the lock body and the lock plate
  Lock body and the lock plate with the gap also need to check, lock and lock plate hole with the level is not the same, the door and the door with the best gap is 1.5mm-2.5mm. If not, it is necessary to adjust the door hinge or lock plate position. At the same time pay attention to the weather caused by thermal expansion and contraction, to ensure that the door and door frame, lock body and lock plate clearance appropriate.
  D, smart door lock ready to unlock the mechanical key
  After a long time to go out, to avoid encounter due to the battery exhausted lead to the smart lock strike, ready to mechanical keys can not be ignored. Remember to open the door lock, but also remember to replace the door lock battery, restore the normal function.
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