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Smart door locks for home security plus barriers

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-28 09:57:04
  In the purchase of housing, the district's security situation is also a major consideration of the user indicators. But some of the basic security facilities in the modern district is relatively perfect, such as the basic district monitoring, access control, etc., but for some old district, the basic security equipment may not be specific, which requires the owners of the district to improve their family security Means, in the "lock" up and down a little effort. 
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  In recent years, with the concept of intelligent home deepening, intelligent door locks have become a lot of people focus. Different from the traditional mechanical locks, intelligent door locks in the user identification, security, management, showing an intelligent advantage. So, smart door lock can really become a barrier to all security risks, to protect our personal property safety? Will he be a good weapon for sneak into the family? Let's take these questions and see what the smart door locks can do for us.
  First of all, the appearance of smart locks is a product of innovation, not only in line with the modern design of the housing structure, but also for the room to add a sense of science and technology. In the mode of operation, the user simply put the finger on the top of the scan from top to bottom of the scan can be, without the need to press the finger in the scanning, simple operation. Scan the way to reduce the fingerprint residue, greatly reducing the possibility of fingerprints are copied, safe and exclusive.
  Second, the intelligent lock with automatic electronic sensor locking system, when automatically sensor to the door in the closed state, the system will automatically lock, the user can fingerprint, touch screen, card, etc. to open the door lock. The general fingerprint password lock has the risk of a password leak. But the smart lock has a virtual password function technology, that is, in front of or behind the registered password, you can enter any number as a virtual password, which can effectively prevent the password leak, while opening the door lock. 
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  The general mechanical lock handle open way easy to drill holes from the door, and then turn the door with a wire to open the door, can not ensure adequate safety performance. But the smart lock with patented technical support in the indoor handle set to increase the safety handle button, you need to hold the safety handle button to turn the handle door to open, resulting in a safer use of the environment.
In addition, the smart lock built-in embedded processor and intelligent monitoring equipment, with tenants at any time between the interaction between the ability to take the initiative to report the day of video visitors, while the head of the remote control of intelligent lock for visitors to open the door. For example, when parents or relatives and friends visit, they are not at home, through this feature remote control door locks, so that they entered the door. This is also the charm of smart furniture, products and thousands of miles away from the owner can interoperability, out of space constraints.
  In the end: smart lock is different from the traditional mechanical locks, in the user identification, security, management, more intelligent locks, access control system lock the door of the implementation of components. Smart lock is different from the traditional mechanical lock, is a security, convenience, advanced technology, composite locks. However, in the use of intelligent door locks, but also taking into account the safety of the product, the purchase of regular manufacturers of intelligent door locks, you know, once the lock password is cracked, thieves can disguise as a master, unimpeded into your home.
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