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Smart door lock to the hotel benefits

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-28 10:07:37
  Improve the service grade, increase customer satisfaction, reduce the loss of guests: 24 hours before each floor to send the waiter keep at the desk, most of the guests is to open the door, the waiter tired; guests are also annoying, especially when several guests at the same time waiting for the waiter A room a room to open the door, and sometimes the waiter also mistakes, can not find the key, the guests drink more, and often cause a bad service situation, the key to the guests, and unsafe. And on the smart IC card after the lock, save more time, do not have to send twenty-four hours to keep in the desk, the guests open their own doors, reducing the service complaints. 
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  Saving staff costs, increase the amount of hotel profits: the previous level of staff arrangements must be considered when the waiter cleaning have to arrange a person to open the door, fitted with smart door locks, at least every floor can be reduced by 1-2 attendants. According to 1000 yuan / person, the annual savings of more than 12,000 yuan cost, the company can buy a lock about a floor. A year later, is purely manpower savings, increased profit margins. At the same time, when the guest arrival time expires, the door lock can not be opened immediately, to avoid the guests stay, especially long stay guests arrears rent, increased income. 
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  Increase the safety, greatly reducing the incidence of malignant events: If a major security incidents, the hotel immediately facing difficulties, the company locks to ensure that the hotel door of the absolute security, the company locks can remember hundreds of unlock information , With anti-saw, anti-plug, tamper and other functions. Not afraid of the key card is lost, not afraid of internal and external copy.
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