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On the development trend of hotel smart locks

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-28 10:22:22
  With the progress of science and technology, the pace of intelligent hotel has become bigger and bigger. Hotel smart lock after years of development, already has a number of series of products, the hotel smart lock system, including IC card hotel smart lock system and RF card hotel intelligent lock system. 
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  The front door smart card key for the fourteen smart keys, divided into five levels of management, so clear authority, the system design is compact, easy to operate, safe and reliable. When the computer hardware or software system problems can not be issued, you can also use the backup card card card to open the door, without the use of other instead of opening the door lock and inconvenience to the guests. 
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  With the deepening of the market, into the smart home ecosystem has become the future of intelligent door lock industry trend. If smart TV is a home entertainment entrance, then the smart door lock as a security officer into the smart home industry. According to market analysis, the current smart door lock or to the main anti-theft, and anti-theft smart door lock the first key issue is that the security performance must be effectively guaranteed. The second is to make users more simple and easy to use the product, and these convenience is safe and reliable and beautiful. Third, for the current listing of most of the smart lock products, the most serious problem is the use of intelligent lock instability, especially real-time alarm, the alarm is very low efficiency, several invalid alarm will allow users to lose the product Confidence and stability of the product is the basis for confidence.   Fourth, the intelligence should improve the cost-effective, powerful use of the anti-theft smart lock cost-effective higher. Finally, intelligence is to make products more perfect, more in line with the user's aesthetic.

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